Week One: Introduction to Interactive Radio Discussion

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Hello Kassim

You are welcome!

We are looking forward to hearing more about the tools you use to assist stations to make radio interactive.


Hello @Josephine_Mdenyo

You are welcome! We are happy to have you here. Please note that we are now in Week 2 and we would like to hear your views on what interactive radio is.


Hello @Josephine_Mdenyo

You are welcome! We are happy to have you here. Please note that we are now in Week 2 and we would like to hear your views on what interactive radio is.


Hello All,
My full names are Gift Malambo, I am a reporter, producer and presenter of one of the popular radio program in Zambia called “Farming Today”. The program is aired on national broadcaster (Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation- ZNBC Radio 1) every Saturdays at 13:30 hours local time. This program has been on air for more than 30 years now. Due to popular demand, some times the same program is translated into local languages and broadcasted through some local community radio stations dotted around the country.

Being a reporter, I enjoy my work because it has given me the opportunities of interacting with different kind of people of different professionals in our communities. I do interact with farmers, experts in agriculture, NGOs, agricultural companies, politicians and name them.

I hope to learn from my fellow participates on how they are servicing the communities in their respective countries and communities through radio.
Thank you all

Hello ,
Thought am rate, welcome me in the discussion .Am Victor Asumani working with with Nkhotakota Community Radio Station as an agriculture producer in Malawi Central Africa…
Great to meet you friends here, lets help one another in doing the job.

Hie,my name is Rashidah Matandika,am working with Dzimwe Community Radio Station in a town called Monkeybay in Malawi.its nice being here with you guys

Hello and welcome to all who joined us this week. We are happy to have you. We are in Week 2. Kindly find your way there, we would like to hear your understanding about interactive radio.

@victorasumani @Rashidah @Gift

My names is Ephraim Nyirenda I work with Tuntufye FM of the Catholic Diocese of Karonga, Malawi. Iam a producer of Farm radio Program. Nice to be here!

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Here i come , so sorry i had log in issues, Sarah Natoolo working with Uganda Broad Casting Corporation UBC
I am very sure this is a good plat form to enable us learn, and interact with people. i do a news magazine program called news hour , i take most of my time in a production studio than on air , however very willing to share my studio picture with time, i will shortly join into the discussions.

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Hi Everyone and nice to meeting. My name is Rashid, I am a broadcaster and I work for Kapchorwa Trinity Radio-KTR 94.1FM in the Eastern Uganda. I like discussions on issues related to agriculture which is the main occupation of over 80% of Uganda’s population.Iam very happy to join you in the discussions.


@Wandeba @Rashid @Ephraim

You are all welcome. We are happy to have you taking part in the discussion. We are now in Week 2, discussing understanding of interactive radio and sharing experiences

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Dear Kochieng, i do not really get anything from your submission. The text with scrolls i mean.

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This happened as I was struggling to upload a picture of me in studio.
I’ve tried all I could but still having difficulties.

My name is Ikenna Nwokedi, An On-Air Personality and News producer for my Radio UNIZIK 94.1 FM Radio, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Hello @ikenna1

We are happy to have you here. I can see you have already gone through the discussions and participated :clap:

We are looking forward to more interaction with you.


Hello am Sheila Chimphamba a producer / presenter at Zodiak Broadcasting Station in Malawis capital Lilongwe…I produce Tipindule ndi Mtedza ndi Soya (lets benefit with g/nuts and soy) programme …Am a one time winner of the Best Farm Radio programme…I so love agricultural programming and am happy to be here. Looking forward to learning more …sorry for my late intro

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Barza Interactive Radio discussion. My name is Busi Ngcebetsha, I am your moderator for this discussion. I have a community radio background and I have been working with different radio stations and organisations, training them in producing radio programmes that speak to their target audiences. I believe radio is a great access to information tool as it reaches more people at any given time.

This discussion is about interactive radio. We will look at the different interactive radio approaches, what works, what doesn’t and explore and exchange best practices that will assist on improving your radio programming. This is a 4-week discussion and in each week we will have specific topics that we will be concentrating on.

In the first week, you will need to introduce yourself and take part in the icebreaker activity, I will explain this in detail shortly…
In week 2, you will share your understanding and experiences on interactive radio
In week 3, we will concentrate on gender and interactive radio.
In week 4, the final week, we will look at different interactive radio approaches and tools…

Your tasks for this week:

Introduction: Click on the “reply” button and introduce yourself. Your introduction should include where you are from, the name of your radio station, the program you produce/present, how your studio looks like. It would be great if you can also take a picture of the studio and upload here.

Icebreaker: Go to http://discussion.farmradio.fm/t/week-one-icebreaker and follow instructions.


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Hello @shizho99

Welcome, we are happy to have you. There is a saying that goes “it is better to be late than not make it at all”

We are looking forward to o=more interactions with you as we proceed.


I work with Uganda Broadcasting Corporation UBC (Radio) as a Producer/Presenter. I mainly handle Agriculture programme, Gender and Development beats . I also contribute stories to UBC Radio newsroom. I have specialized in Radio broadcasting.