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Join us for an exciting discussion on interactive radio from February 27 to March 24, 2017

ok, am so happy to be part of the new order in interactive radio to cause change in the community.

Hey Nelly and colleagues who have already signed up for the Interactive Radio e-discussion; i am so delighted to join this discussion. This, i feel is ganna be so interesting for us radio broadcasters! I wish you all the best as we wait to go on the discussion platform.

I’m Kevin Radio Habari Njema.
Producer, Presenter and Reporter.
Glad to be here.
My first time on a platform like this. If hope to learn and also share my knowledge.
Please welcome me.


Hello Dear Nelly,

I am David MUNYAGA, journalist reporter-producer and director of ONDESE FM RADIO, based in KILIBA, in the plain of the Ruzizi in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I am totally interested in this discussion that will happen in this forum because our radio is installed in an environment where the population has more than 90% life of AGRICULTURE and BREEDING.
So, I find myself already a bit stuck because apparently everyone speaks ENGLISH here, I find myself in French only in English.

What will we do to participate in this discussion? Because this is the first time we have participated.

Thank you for giving us a favorable response.


Bonjour Chère Nelly,

Je suis David MUNYAGA, journaliste reporter-producteur et directeur de la RADIO ONDESE FM, basée à KILIBA, dans la plaine de la Ruzizi à l’Est de la République Démocratique du Congo.

Je suis totalement intéressé de ce discussion qui va se passer dans ce forum du fait que notre radio est installée dans un milieu où la population à plus de 90% vie de l’AGRICULTURE et l’ELEVAGE.

Alors, je me retrouve déjà un peu coincé du fait que apparemment tout le monde parle ici l’ANGLAIS or, je me retrouve bien en français qu’en anglais.

Que ferez-nous pour bien participé dans ce discussion ?. Car, c’est la première fois pour nous d’y participé.

Merci de nous donner une suite favorable


Merci beaucoup pour votre message et désolée pour la confusion. Il va avoir une discussion en francais. Le lien pour le discussion en francais est http://discussion-fr.farmradio.fm/c/discussions/radio-interactive.

La discussion va maintenant commencer le 27 février.

J’espère que vous trouverez la discussion intéressant.

A bientot,
Directrice des ressources pour les radiodiffuseurs, Radios Rurales Internationales

@RADIOONDESEFM pour s’inscrire au discussion en français veuillez cliquer sur le lien suivant: http://discussion-fr.farmradio.fm/signup

My names are Christian Chibuzo Maduka. I have been working in Nigeria as a Broadcast-Journalist for over 25 years. My last assignment was serving as General Manager: African Independent Television AIT Enugu and Zonal Coordinator for DAAR Communications Plc, South-East Zone, Nigeria. I am now working Project Management Consultants PMC (Ramboll Environ) as Communications and Social Marketing Expert in the World Bank, African Development Bank and Rivers State Government of Nigeria funded 3rd National Urban Water Sector Reform and Port Harcourt Water Supply and Sanitation Project at the Port Harcourt Water Corporation, Rivers State Nigeria. I am a regular participant of all Farm radio International activities. It is my pleasure to be part of this discussion: Interactive Radio. This time I am bringing my experience as a Communication Expert in the WASH Sector and Broadcaster to bear on the discussion. I am very happy to be here again as always.

This is Bashir from Malawi and working for Malawi Broadcasting Corporation, MBC. At national level, we provide relevant messages about climate change and agriculture, with emphasis modern technologies that are friendly to climate change. I have been producing Farm Radio programmes since 2008 until now. I have vast experience and I am eager to continue learning more to be thoroughly equipped as I also mentor colleagues back here. I have grown so much passion in this especially after observing how impact programming is changing lives of local communities.

Well, on what I would take with me in the situation at hand, firstly my family members, secondly food and finally my farming tools.

Hello everyone,

I am Ebenezer Amankwah of OTEC FM 102.9MHz in Kumasi, Ghana - West Africa. I am a producer - presenter.

I am highly motivated to be on this platform to share my experience and in the experience of others on the main discussion.

I am open-minded and ready to learn.


Hi Ebenezer

You are welcome. We are hoping to hear more about the programs you produce and present as we go along and learn from each other.


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I am happy to be back. I missed this discussion especially when most countries are hit by prolonged drought, food shortage and water