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My understanding is that there will be a cut in internet connection in Uganda because of their up-coming elections. I am wondering if any of us here is from Uganda, and how such a person(s) can participate with this impending challenge.

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When are the elections and what is the connection between elections and internet connection cuts?

The elections are to take place on Thursday 14th January, 2021. There are concerns of spread in fake news and its ramification being a possible eruption of election-related violence. I think it will be for a short period of time. Below is an extract of a story I read on BBC.

“In December, the Uganda Communications Commission, the media industry regulator, wrote to Google, asking it to shut down several YouTube channels associated with Bobi Wine.

“In the past, the government body has ordered online content creators such as influencers and bloggers to register and have their material vetted before publication, but this was put on hold after it was challenged in court.

During the 2016 election, the government blocked social media on polling day and for several after, which led to the proliferation of VPN use in the country.”

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Is a place for resting and reflection on past things

Yes @sundaco, you can discuss any other topics not related to gender

Hello Busi! I was just just wondering how the women in Umoji Community reproduce children. Where do the men who impregnate them come from? Are they hiring or leasing the men to do the work? I am available to work in Umoji for a good fee :smiley: :smiley:

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: @Buzo the article says they smuggle boyfriends in at night and they leave in the morning before others wake up and there is also a men’s village nearby and each man has about 2 or 3 women partners from Umoji.

Women claim they need to have children because it is a shame to not have any children as a woman whether married or not.