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Sure, Campaign for climate change in the media is very important as such I support that $150 billion should be the first tranch of $300. Then an assessment for compliance should be carried out twice in a year.

Therefore, funding Media houses such as Radio, Tv Stations and Social Media platforms will go a long way to create awareness.

Answers 1.
My understanding of Climate Change; when Human beings without control and care use Oils, gasses, coal to power their homes and factories, the oils and gasses release carbon dioxide which in turn trap the sun’s heat-causing the temperature of the earth to rise.

Answer 2.

Extreme weather events such as droughts render farmlands inhabitable, turning them into deserts and not suitable for crop cultivation, extreme flooding due to too much rain also has an effect to cause flooding as was the case in Northern Zambia, where fields of crops got submerged, most of those affected are poor families who fail to adapt to climate change due to not having money. Many African countries will experience droughts and food shortages,

Answer 3.

√ Farmers need more information about weather forecasting, the tools they can use to do this, unfortunately, this information is not readily available for the car of Zambia, most websites even government sites lark the information,

√ adapt conservation farming methods, tools on how a farmer can use less water, less fertilizer I grow crops.

√ chose crops that can sustain climate change, but are still marketable.

Answer 4

The media through the radio and other social media platforms will play a big role in sensitization and information provision to the affected farmers, local extension agriculture officers also should be on hand to guide the farmers with verifiable data about weather…