Healthy food and patients

Why green leafy vegetables are more important especially when you are hiv/aids?

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Green vegetables contain mostly vitamins and minerals.these are essential for proper body functioning and boosting body immunity against diseases among which are the HIV opportunistic infections. They also have high fiber content for averting constipation and thus facilitating smooth digestion of other foods

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Much as we need food to be alive and healthy, is the way we need healthy food when we are sick, ill … Food is life but heaslthy food is a necessity all the time in whatever situation one is in. We should eat healthy food. When one is alive and kicking, one needs more energy giving food to get the stamina to do they work and for children to paly, run about , climb trees and whatever. The other food values are needed to performe their functions in the body. When one is sick, the body needs alot of defence antibodies , which are found in fruits and green vegetables. There fore if one is sick make sure you consume alot of these even though depending on age in children they may need lots of protein foods which help in their growth and activeness.
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Indeed good food, with all the necessary nutrients is good for the body. It boosts our immune systems as the body becomes weak because of sickness, the minerals and vitamins help one get stronger.

Thank you Rehema for your contribution on Healthy food and patients. To add my voice to Rehema’s submission, I have heard that food itself is medicine, and when a patient accepts eating, he responds to medication fast and registers positive improvement; reason when a patient refuses to eat, caretakers become worried, but if the person tries to eat and or asks for specific food to eat like liver, banana, potatoes, the caretakers become happy and provide the food as quickly as possible.

To get back to healthy food and patients, patients normally demand for good soft foods like; banana, eggs and chicken soup or chicken. Perhaps to make them gain health.