Introduction and Icebreaker: Tell us what a typical meal at your table looks like

Hello Everyone,

I am Mark Kudafa, Programs Assistant at Farm Radio International, Ghana. On any normal day, I like to have have fufu and groundnut soup with goat meat (fufu is made out of pounded cassava and plantain). This is the most tasty lunch I have most of the time, even today. I hope to try other tasty and nutritious meals around Africa as well.

I also look forward to learning more about nutrition and to contribute to the discussions here!

I am traveling the world through my taste buds, but first I have to finish sampling all the Ghanaian dishes. From North (Tz and ayoyo), a meal that is packed with vitamins to the South (fufu and groundnut soup), filled with the goodness of the palm tree. Traditional Ghanaian meals, filling, nutritious and delicious.
I am Ellen Acquaye, Programs Officer Farm Radio International, an advocate for benefits of the traditional Ghanaian dishes.
Nutrition is always close to home

Hi every one.
My name is Kyug Francis I work with star fm Atebubu Ghana as a producer/presenter. I also contribute to star newsroom as the executive producer. I handle historical programme on ethnic groups and also produce agricultural programme.
I join the media industry 2012 and since then, I have been an important seed in the industry.
I am more than excited to join this noble Barza community on Nutrition. Many many Thanks to madam Busi for helping me true.
My best meal is " jojor" with " miiru saab".
“Jojor” is a very good Nutritional food prepared from/with moringa leaves or simply eatable leaves seasoning with groundnut paste. Which is very palatable with Tuo-zaafi ( Tz) called “miiru saab”
" Miiru saab" is also prepared with millet/maize flour and then put in saou water for some time and then wow ready for action.
This type of meal is very common among the dagaabas in Northern Ghana and those in Burkina faso.
Indeed this source is very delicious.

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Hello @mark @bridget @tumchaz34
Welcome to Barza. We are happy to have you here, and thanks for sharing your meals.

Please note that we are currently discussing the link between agricultural production and nutrition, We are in Week 2 of the discussion. We are looking forward to reading your contributions.

To others that have not yet come in, we are waiting for you @yaro @victoria @sachia

Hello, I am Awuiteba. I work with Farm Radio International in Ghana. I love simple and uncomplicated meals. My daily meal would consist of some form of rice with sauce and either chicken or or some type of meat. Not a fan of seafood. I love this season in Ghana because its the avocado pear season and it goes with every food possible especially rice. I can’t wait to read and share everybodys thoughts on food. Especially because conversations on food are never dull.

Hello @Wutty

Very true indeed, conversations about food are always lively, especially when people share recipes. The question is though, when people talk about food, do they even consider how nutritious the food is?