Is balance diet the out come of poverty or luck of awerness?

hello everyone according to me when i look our society specially in rural areas most people r got luck of nutrition. as they told me they didn’t know about nutrition plus they have not money to buy different types of food . what is your opinion? everyone?

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Dear Barza Team.

To add to what Birhamu has said, it is luck of awareness about balance diet that makes people not aware. Birhamu; i would like to ask you a question on the issue you raised that people in your country do not have money to buy different types of food, do people buy food everywhere in your country? Because in my country Uganda, it is people in town who normally buy food, but those in the rural areas do not buy food, they have plenty although when seasons change like now, they do not harvest much so they may experience shortages and may also end up buying food for sometime. How is it in your country Birhamu?

hello everyone ? am so glad we meet again! nutration mean according to my info as i read on - nutrition has become more focused on the steps of biochemical sequences through which substances inside us and other living organisms are transformed from one form to another - metabolism and metabolic pathways.

Nutrition also focuses on how diseases, conditions and problems can be prevented or lessened with a healthy diet.

In addition, nutrition involves identifying how certain diseases, conditions or problems may be caused by dietary factors, such as poor diet so its important for living well, living in a good condition and to be successful for any thing . that means with out health no success.

Hello everyone hope the day is bright and everyone is moving on as planned, In Uganda there are two things our people are missing one is having a balanced diet and two eating well. Here what people call eating well which is supposed to be a balanced diet is eating beef, chicken and ‘‘nice foods’’ but majority luck even what to eat. Funny among the districts that is considered as a food basket for Uganda that’s Bushenyi district in the Western part of the country has a great number of malnourished children. So the question in point is tricky. But to sum it up its both poverty and lack of awareness as well.

Hello everyone, Nutrition according to my Primary school science teacher is study of different types of foods and their components. This is how i define it to, and its important to study it in order to know what to eat, when to eat, how to prepare what to eat and why should we eat that particular type of food.

Hello Pascal.

Thank you for your submission on “Hunger and Poverty”.

You are right to talk about the pertinent issue of malnutrition among plenty of food! Yes, i remember filing and running a story on malnutrition in the Bushenyi district of Uganda! Bushenyi is known for having a lot of food Banana and even other types of food. But what i discovered when i pitched the story even afterwards is; being a busy district, parents were or are concentrating on ferrying huge trucks of banana and other farm products to Kampala, Jinja, Luwero, Masaka , Iganga, Gulu, Kitgum, Arua urban centres. They are always on the farm throughout cutting banana to sell to middlemen or businessmen and they (parents) have no time to prepare a good balanced meal especially for the children. They just boil the food banana (matooke) and add a little salt, and give to their children! Also, they said most of the farm produce is for sell. For example; beans, vegetables. The experts said the parents or family members do not know how to prepare a balanced diet. So of recent, the district in collaboration with scientists of Mbarara Zonal Agricultural Research Institute are promoting the growing of Chick peas. They said this type of peas has food components to repair children, mothers and even other people. But such a practice differs from region to region! So i support you on luck of awareness. Poverty comes in when other parts of the country like Busoga having big families to the extent that they end up selling all the farm produce or food crops to neighbouring Kenya or to urban centres to get income to pay for the basic necessities like; tuition for children, soap, salt, paraffin, match box etc. They run short of food home, so hunger sets in and eventually poverty. So it is a vicious cycle.

Nutrition, to me, is process of taking in food substances into the body so that they can be utilized for its functions, growth and development. These food substances contain in them organic and inorganic chemicals called nutrients that the body extracts and modifies into utilizable forms. Since every one single nutrient performs a specific role( and others in synchrony) a single meal containing all (balanced diet) should be indispensable for good health. Basic nutrients include; proteins, carbohydrate, vitamin and minerals, fats and oils AND Water :smile:

Majorly lack of balanced diet is due to poverty. In our listening communities we encourage farmers to grow nutrition based foods but on harvest all is carried to the market for sale to raise school fees and meet hospital bills. Farmers select the best chicken for sale, the biggest banana bunch goes to the market. During the Quality Protein maize PRC I noted that farmers adopted the variety but consistently complained about low prices and few buyers Implying that they were more market oriented than nutritional :angry:

Hello Team.
In my country Ghana, I won’t say it is the out come of poverty but lack of awerness.
Because all foodstuff that makes the meal balance are available but people tought it is only well to do people or Officers that are entittled to eaten some meals and then some have also seen it to be sameful to eaten some specific meal.
So when I interacted with farmers, they told me eating Balance diet is waste of farm produce and that, even Officers are to be taking those kindmeal not me a farmer.
Atually we have a lot to do as Journalist.