Revenue for community radio

How can community radio be helped to generate revenue

By employing and In-House Traing of Marketers. Most community radio stations don’t have a proper marketing department. It’s a non profit organisation yes but times are changing. Mostly, C.R.S depend on funders. It’s a community thing but workers need up Keep, studio equipment needs upgrade time to time and many other demands that the community can’t withstand.

They also need to be treated fairly just like they do with Commercial Radio stations. Clients would give 50,000 to a commercial radio station and 5,000 to a community radio stations for the same deal. Yet a commercial radio station will do the most cause they are close to the ear and also because they have to eat at the end of the day.
Community radio stations have the best programming and they’re so in tune with the community. I submit :pray:t6:

I think community radio stations really need a helping hand in terms of resource mobilization such as Farm Radio Interns should continue bringing in funded programs and help inform other stake working on familiar programs such as Agriculture, climate change, Agriculture and gender equality yo help community radio stations in income generation.
And also in conducting in-house training among the staffs equip them with knowledge on how to strategize at the beginning or at the end of the year on how to be resourceful.

Community Radio stations seriously need support financially as revenue to aide their operations.
Grants can equally go a long way to facilitate the smooth running of community Radio operations.
NGOs, Private individuals and groups can equally sponsor programmes to create awareness and educate the public which in turn can boost revenue generations to community Radio stations.