Week 1: Introduction to agriculture and climate change discussion

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the agriculture and climate change e-discussion. My name is Busi Ngcebetsha, I am the moderator for this e-discussion. You will learn more about me a little bit later.

This discussion is about agriculture and climate change. Agriculture both contributes to climate change and is affected by climate change. Farmers are usually the ones that feel the impact most. Small-scale farmers are disproportionately affected by climate change.

This is a 4-week discussion and each week we will have a specific topic that we will be concentrating on. During the course of the discussion, we will cover these and other topics:

  • Week 1- introductions and an icebreaker

  • Week 2 - understanding climate change and how it affects farmers

  • Week 3 - sharing women’s experiences of climate change

  • Week 4 - adapting to climate change

These 4 weeks are a chance for us all to learn from each other. We will get into more detail as we discuss each topic.

I would also like to introduce our resource people for this e-discussion: Sosten Chiotha, Alhassan Lansah Abdulai and Isaac Soko. They will tell us more about themselves as we go along.

For this first week, you need to do the following 3 things:

  1. Click on the “reply” button and introduce yourself. Your introduction should include your name, where you are from, the name of your radio station or organisation, and your role.
  2. After introducing yourself, please tell us one thing you would like to learn about climate change.
  3. Participate in the icebreaker activity

If there are other topics that are not related to climate change you would like to discuss you can visit the Cafe and make a post there.

Active participants who introduce themselves in week 1, participate in the icebreaker activity and make at least three meaningful posts in weeks 2, 3 and 4 will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the discussion.



Hello am gift banda
Station…smooth fm Zambia
Programs producer, news caster and reporter

In this important discussion i would like to learn the causes of climate change and how it can affect agricultural activities


My name is Maybin Augustine Katungulu, news Editor at YGFM RADIO in CHOMA District, Southern Province of Zambia. Am also a chief programme producer. In this 4 weeks of learning I will to appreciate climate change terminologies and how I can simplify them in order for the audience to understand


Welcome Gift

We are delighted to have you join us. We hope you will enjoy the discussion!

Hello Maybin

Welcome to our discussion. We are happy to have you here and we trust you will enjoy every minute as we learn from each other.

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In disaster situations, saving lives is first, then if one has the chance to pick up foodstuffs (which in my view, might not be able to pick enough for sustainability through the period such disaster will last).

Secondly, beddings: Irrespective of where the family will lodge for the period, a place to lay is crucial, in order to avoid diseases like pneumonia.

Thirdly, clothings: Due to adverse weather conditions, it is crucial to pick up some clothings to cover the body from the harsh weather that might follow, because the family is no longer in their comfortable shelter.

Lastly, just a thought, disaster situations comes atimes without notice, so the period for preparation to pick ups some basic things is immaterial but saving lives first is paramount.

I trust that I’ll learn from others and especially from our instructors, because Climate Change to some is like a hoax, little or non is known or understood about it, despite the many changing nature of rainfall, flood, the general weather farmers are experiencing. The training here will avail me the opportunity to strategize on carrying programs to educate them on climate change and ways of mitigating the challenges therein and together we succeed.

Best wishes to all of us in this hallowed platform.

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Good morning.
Douglas Moola from Choma.

I hope to learn more about climate change, it’s impact on the environment in line with traditional farming.


Hi my name is Madelena Mkirema from Kenya representing Radio Amani Nakuru. I am a Radio presenter hosting one weekly themed program on Business, Nutrition, Farming, Motivational and Talents and one weekend program on Faith matters.
Am interested in learning on some of the ressistant crops that can be grown in arid and semiarid areas and some of their benefits.

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Hi’ this is Brian Namakobo.
I’m from Kazungula District of Southern province, Zambia.

I work for East star Radio as presenter, news reporter, caster and editor.

Host and producer of many programs.

I’m looking forward to cover more on how farmers can remain unique and produce products regardless of the climate change conditions.

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Good morning everyone,
My is Caleb Likomeno… Station Manager Mufumbwe Community Radio station North Western Zambia.
It is my pleasure to discuss something that Mufumbwe District is not spared with climate change.
Expecting more and learn more.

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My name is Chris tian Maduka. I am FRI Networking Officer in Nigeria. I am very happy :blush: to be part of this discussion. It’s coming at the right time because the effects of Climate Change to all areas of our lives have called for concern. The seasons of planting and harvesting have been affected. The rainy season has either shortened or cones with flash flooding, rise in sea level, and severe sunshine on planted crop’s. Knowledge sharing and more exposition on the subject matter for Broadcasters will go a very long way to help in disseminating the information concerning Climate Change and eventually raise solutions to how the communities can adapt to the new normal.


Looking forward to knowing best intervention methods that farmers can use to prevent flooding. Both short term and long term interventions. How farmers have contributed to climate change and what they can do to help adress climate change.

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Museba Mulala, YG Fm Station Manager, Choma Southern Province, Zambia.

I expect to learn what are the causes of Climate change, and how studying the climate can help predict how much rain we except to receive, also the effects of climate change on the health of the population, what countries are doing to help stop the effects of climate change!

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Am Dr.Oliver Kandela Bulaya from Zambia ASUDE FM RADIO proprietor and work for Conservation Farming unit.I would love to learn more on agricultural interventions in fighting climate change.


My name is Princess Temwa Kamanga, working with Tuntufye FM in Karonga Malawi as a reporter and producer.

In this discussion, I would like to know more on the cause of climate change and possible ways for prevention of effects caused by climate change on agriculture and other areas as well.

Thank you


Am Alfred James Mungwa, Working with Nyimba FM Radio In Eastern Province of Zambia as Station Manager, Producer and Presenter.

In this four weeks discussion, I would like to know more on the cause of climate change and possible ways for prevention of effects caused by climate change on agriculture and other areas as well. how family can adapt to the climate change.

Thank you



My name is Yonda Banda. I am the news Editor at Mphangwe FM Radio in Katete District, Eastern Province. I am a producer of the farmer Radio Program. I would like to learn more on climate change,it’s effects and how farmers can adapt to issues of climate change.


Hello all. My name is Denis Ngwenya residing in Zimbabwe"s second largest city called Bulawayo. It is to the south west of the country. I am a community radio activist with a youth community radio initiative called Y-FM. I am responsible for the programs.

In this discussion I expect to hear from colleagues what we can do to expedite the process of making African governments come up with sound environmental policies that will REALLY reduce global warming and curb climate change. In the meantime I don’t think enough is being done!


Hello Everyone…

My name is Abdul Nazeef Mohammed, Head of productions of the Agric desk for Wfm in Wa Upper West, Ghana.

At the of the four weeks discussions, I Would like to know more on the causes of Climate Change and how it affects farming activities and also learn the possibly
measures to adopt and change the narrative

Wish as all a fruitful discourse…