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My name Haimanot Getachew, I am working as community Radio Manager at Debre markos, Ethiopia, I have an Interactive Radio question which is, Can we apply successful community Radio volunteer service in Africa?

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This is a good question. I will let others respond to that.[quote=“Haime, post:21, topic:538”]
Can we apply successful community Radio volunteer service in Africa?

What do you think?

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many farmers in Africa are facing challenges in terms of climate change how to develop good program that can help farmers to adapt climate change effects in their farming

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Hello everyone, my name is Gideon Kwame Sarkodie Osei, 2016 GAC Award winner. It’s good to be here was again. Especially to discuss interactive radio which is the primary modus operandi of FRI is awesome.

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The blind man once said he is fed up with the rampant stealing doing on in his room and decided to keep vigil over night to ensure that the theif is arrested, He would no longer trust anyone to do so for him. Unfortunately he could not tell what time to begin his vigil. He took position in front of his room around 1600hrs thinking it was about midnight. Incidentally a regular bread seller who missed her usual time to sell her bread came to serve the blind man apologizing for her inability to come early enough, but the blind man insisted she is the thief who steal in his room because he would not understand why she decided to sell bread at that hour of the night. An argument ensued and some neighbors who came around could not find it easy to convince him it was not late night as he presumed. The blind man would not budge but insisted detaining the lady till morning when she would send her to the police. When everyone decided to ignore his ignorance the b;ind man held the woman until the woman’s husband who has been searching every where during the wee hours only found his wife in the grip of the blind man around mid night. He quietly went to inform the police who arrested the blind man for kidnapping. What should b the faith of the blind man???

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Hey colleagues!

Unemployment is really biting harder in Uganda. The young people/Youth freshly graduated or those who graduated few years back are really suffering in Uganda! By the way; even old people are suffering due to lack of employment. Government/President Museveni is saying they should go farming and employ themselves in farming since farming can mean to be a serious employer. Many Youth are asking… how? But if you scrutinize further, it is (farming) the best solution now…but government’s plans to support Youth in agric is not felt!!! It is NGOs like Feed The Future promoting agriculture for youth buy training them on how best they can do it. However, such activities are just piloted in few districts…the question then is: how can this be escalated for the youth to appreciate this. Otherwise; it is terrible here.

Hello every one,
I ama glad to be at the cafe. Ijust want to inform you that Uganda farmers all over the country have suffered a terrible draught and have lost two seasons whereby all the crops dried when not mature yet fot harvesting.

It has been the most piteous sight to see all around when all the crops have been brown as if a fire had past through them. But thank God, the rains have come and according to the meteorological department they will be there until May. This is therefore to inform fellow Ugandan farmer program presenters to encourage their audiences to plough and plant now for better yields, since most of them have been disappointed.
We also need advise on how to encourage farmers in Uganda to start irrigation farming since it has not been a practice here!

Thank you. Have a nice weekend.

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Hi @rehema and @GuruneFm and others. I was wondering if you had music that you liked to listen to while exercising. Perhaps you could share some of your favourites here.

This is Sakina Majawa of Chanco Communty Radio in Zomba City of Malawi
very happy to be on board…


hello everyone including @Blythe @Stanb316 @smawerere @Haime @Wandeba ,

It is better late than never. Please join me wish @Busi_Ngcebetsha a happy birthday. She has been welcoming in this house.

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@obolo wow thanks, that’s so sweet of you!

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Thanks @obolo for getting the birthday party for Busi started here. Wishing you a wonderful day and year Busi!


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