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Thanks Blythe for the well wishes

Happy birthday to today’s baby girl!!!Hahaha!!!

Hi Blythe,
I have no music for my exercises but can you please share with me what you use for your exercises because I do mine in silence which come to think of it is boring!

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Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself to members. My name is Hope Mafaranga, currently working with Vision Group attached to New Vision as its Assistant Regional News Editor. I am also a science journalist, a media trainer and mentor with a in agriculture. Before joining print media, i worked with a number of radio stations including Radio Buddu in Masaka, Busoga FM in Jinja, Rwenzori FM Efurembe in Kamwenge, All Karamoja FM in Moroto, Better FM in Fort Portal Kabarole, and i was also a reporter for Radio West in Mbarara and Bukedde FM in Kampala. Thats my back ground in Radio communication that i have a great respect and passion for and of course i miss being on air. I have experience in broadcasting for more than 9 years.
I am going to attach some of the agriculture stories that i now do for print and i am happy to learn from each one of you from this platform.

another story

another one

Another Article

Another one

Those are some of the stories i have done and i am happy to share with you

Hello Hope @hpmafaranga

Nice stories. Please note that I have moved them to the cafe where people can talk about any other thing. In the weekly topics we specifically tackle the topic at hand so that we do not lose any contribution.


@Rehema here are some of my current favourite workout songs:
Halo - Beyonce:
Titanium - David Guetta:
Gimme Sympathy - Metric:
Firework - Katy Perry:
The Monster - Eminem:

The music definitely motivates me to get a good workout!

Thank you Hope for this!

By the way, i attended a 4 day meeting where Library For Food Sovereignty (an organ) is promoting indigenous knowledge to help local farmers who can not afford such modernity of Farms… They say local resources like herbal /medicinal plants can be extracted to get pesticides locally etc. They share a lot of indigenous knowledge and believe me i saw it in Kikwandwa by Kikandwa Development Initiative here in Uganda-Mityana district and it is doing well. Good indigenous knowledge by the local farmers…it is so amazing!

Sarah I have just returned from Addis in Ethiopia and farmers there are using high advanced technology to mitigate climate change challenges. Among what they are using is tissue culture while others have embraced biotechnology and GMOs as a measure to find a lasting solution of food security. I hope you know that Uganda has about three crops in the pipeline including banana, cassava and rice. The biggest challenge here is that the bill which is below parliament has not been passed into law hence making it hard for the scientists to implement such innovations.

I agree Hope but remember Scientists still are saying Biotech seeds also require good agronomic practices like climate change agric, soil and water conservation, application of manure etc

Of course Sarah embracing technology does not mean that other good farming practices have to be ignored. One thing to note is that those seeds are not magical or bullet prove. Other practices including irrigation, farm maintenance and management, weeding, pre and post harvest harvesting handling, use of pesticide or fertilizers, soil testing etc have to be observed.

Hi team.
I am really learning a lot from the comments.
Help me know the other approaches I can use to encourage the youth to venture into farming and how farmers can embrace modern farming.Very few have embraced it but most of them say it is very expensive.I am trying to use focus groups but sometimes the station budget does not allow. This is because the station is very far from our target audience and most listeners do not have access to internet,phones,power. Although I am trying to use groups,experts where possible.Thank you team.

Josephine, i wish you move this question to our Cafe and we discuss it there. I feel timid to discuss it here in Week Two discussions about Interactive Radio. If it is moved to Cafe, then will get back to you.

I wish you fruitful discussions on the platform.


Sarah Mawerere
UBC Radio
Kampala, Uganda

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:clap: Thank you Sarah @smawerere, I have moved the post to the relevant topic
@Josephine_Mdenyo hopefully we will get some responses to your question. We use the café to discuss anything outside our main discussion topic : interactive radio