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Thank you @smawerere and Busi.I welcome ideas from the team.thank you.

Good all. Sorry for late arrival. Being busy all these weeks. My name is Lawal Ali Garba. A staff of Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Kaduna National Station. Rose from Producer II in 1990 to Assistant Director in 2015. First joined the then Developing Countries Farming Radio Network in 2007. Participated at the forst organized Radio Scripting Writing Course on Healthy Communities in 2010. Wrote a script on Water and Sanitation in . I was also the team leader of Spinetails team forum during the Farmer Program e-Course in 2012. In 2014, I was appointed General Manager Radio Nigeria Equity FM, Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi State, Nigeria. A year later, I was transferred to Radio Nigeria Karama FM, Kaduna as the General Manager.
Though late, I’m happy to reconnect with you people. Before the end of the Discussion, I will make some contributions to the Discussions. Thanks once again.

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Dear Josephine, I would like to make contribution to your question of what approaches to use to make youth go into agriculture.
Actually, the youth do not appreciate agriculture & think agric is for old people, those in the village & for the uneducated! As a person who has handled agric programmes, it is true the youth do not go into agric for reasons that it is not paying, that it is hectic to do because of the rudmentary ways that farmers apply plus traditional tools used like the hand hoe. It is hectic! But for sure things are not the way the youth think. There are so many ways that can be applied to ease work. For example; use of machines, tractors for diggind and ploughing and even harvesting.
Let me share about an acivity (Agrikool) by Feed The Future- a USAID funded project here in Uganda now running in Mbale, Mubende & Gulu districts aimed at encouraging youth to engage in agric as business & yet it is an employment hub. Feed The Future goes to the mentioned pilot districts, holds events like; exhibitions, promotions, enterprenuership sessions and technical people to guide… rather advise the youth on how agric is a paying sector. Many youth are opting for agric after realizing that it is a good enterprise especially when they do it as business.
Also, Feed the Future tries to link the youth to organizations that can support them to do agric. Youth who are already doing it share their success stories & the youth are attracted to agric sector. Schools also participate in these activities by Feed the future…& many of them are already innovative at school & at home; they rear chicken, animals and every season they grow maize at home, plant banana, grind cereals & make flour,pans & bread which they are selling to get their own incomes to support themselves.
Through the livelihood government programme in Uganda, most youth are supported to do farming though this has some challenges now.

The youth are supported, they can do it especially when it is beneficial. They need to be sensitized through radio & on social media especially face book & whasApp network which they depend on for info.

There are so many approaches through which to encourage youth do agric.

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Thank you @smawerere.I’am trying to use social media and success stories from the youth.Picking up.