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Madelena from Kenya
Why is there a rise in Teenage pregnancies in our areas? What do you think causes rise of such cases?

Broken homes
School drop out
Irresponsible parenthood
Lack of education


Liche Ndabile from Zambia. Here in Zambia We have been given our seasonal rain forecast for the season of 2021 and 2022 farming season from the ministry of green economy. please we also want to learn on how in your country do you value such information. Especially to us communicators/ broadcasters how do you communicate such important information (weather bulletins,rainfall update weather warning ) to our listeners.

Hello @MMM

This is an interesting question, it seems it is happening all over. Probably there are less social and educational activities to keep them busy. The saying that it takes a village to raise a child does not seem to apply anymore. When a young one is doing wrong, neighbours just watch and not correct, if they try, then they receive bad attitude from both the parent and the teenager. Teenagers of today do not behave their age, they are more mature and most have no vision for the future, they live in the present.

What do other people think?


True @Busi_Ngcebetsha , all this issues happens because of the thing you have mentioned on your reply eg less social and educational activities to keep the teenagers busy. Old Tradition believes especially in villages, Uncotrolleble behavours, peer pressure, no vision future so the easy option is to stop school and get married which at the end will bring them more harm than good. But in some areas its like of mentorship from parents, some its because they have no money to pay for studying. this issue has a lot of causes . i agree with you @Busi_Ngcebetsha.


Hello @Kweku these issues you have listed like broken home, school drop out, irresponsible parenthood. These things have contributed to high level of poverty in most of countries here in Africa. But sometime certain cultural beliefs also contributes to such issues. @Kweku and @Busi_Ngcebetsha I don’t know what others think about these issues

Will be glad if you can list such cultural beliefs @Liche

Wow !!! @Kweku i can start with Girl’s initiation, this is the cultural Ceremony where girls taken and told tradition thing even when they a still young as long they have reached puberty and that traditional belief contributes to school dropout. Irresponsible parents, in some typical villages’ parents still believe that girl child is of no value rather than marring them off. And a boy should take care of cattle’s. it’s a believes with and parents become irresponsible in the name of tradition without then realizing. @Kweku They are many cultural belief but to mantion the few

nice observations. Hopefully things will get better

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There are a number of factors as enumerated by others, but equally we have to put into consideration of the consequences of Covid-19 too. The lock down which affected the economy, health, nutrition, agriculture, education etc.

You know, of a notable and most disturbing is the fact that some families (women and girl child) had to trade sex for food because of the hardships in terms of shortages of food and other basic needs for survival.

This is as a result of the fall out of crisis (propel by politics, economic, religious etc) which in a sense too has a nexus with climate change, giving rise to the social problems affecting poor families.

Women can’t inherit Land thus less owning activities

I think the Afrikaner concept of being ashamed to talk to young people about where they are ‘in a world of advanced science and technology’ , young people are learning and trying different attitudes through new media, when we think they are mature and follow them everything is ruined to shock us.