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This is your space to relax and socialize. You can also discuss other topics that are not covered each week of the discussion

Greetings waiting for the next course

Am Grace Munuo from Kilimanjaro Moshi am working at Redio Sauti ya Injili Moshi . Am producer as well presenter .l producer as well present the programs like women right, children right, animals health , agricultural programme and program concerne about faith . The thing which l would like to discuss with other regard collaboration is how to collaborate without creating groups withing both organisation and workers
My hobbe is jokes and singing

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Hi! Greetings,
Looking for a cup of coffee’ Is it still there or I’m late!:smiley:

Oh yeah Esther, you are right on time!

Since you love cooking, I am wondering what that cup of coffee will go with :slight_smile:

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Woo :coffee: mmmhhh! I can smell it , with a piece of :cupcake: please!!


Greetings colleagues,

Hello Busi and our other facilitators!

Colleagues, Hhhmm i have come to realize that broadcasting is really a very enjoyable occupation!! I try to get out of it but i find myself not going!! But i will go, i am getting tired somehow…huhuhuhu. I wish you all good and healthy discussion over the four weeks… on “Collaboration”. Let us encourage so many of our colleagues to join the discussion. This is a very good opportunity to train where we ourselves cannot train or be trained.

See you then.



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Hey Sarah @smawerere

Are you sure you can get out? It is not easy, even if you get out of the radio station, you will realise that media is your calling and will still enjoy media projects.

Someone help me out on this, Is there any specific time to be online for this 4 weeks e-discussion? If yes what time?

Hi Mike @MikeKuwoye

There is no specific time to be online. What is important is participation so you login and contribute on topics. This week is about introductions. From next week we will have other different topics to discuss.


Is it possible to have a “Sponsorship Data” for Farm Radio members?
This allows those who listen online free access to listen without their data being deducted even with video. Information must spread to the most remote sites.


Hello @assparadio

Thank you for your question. Please note that I have moved your question to the Cafe where we can discuss anything else besides the topic at hand. I understand that sponsorship may be somehow related but for Week 1 we are still busy with introductions.

Your question is on getting sponsorship data for Farm Radio members to cover those listening online to have free access. I am still going to refer you to the country office, I believe @bfiafor might be able to shed some light on this.

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Thanks for the response. The sponsorship data will be a good idea.

Nothing in my inbox yesterday. Did I miss some conversations yesterday? Keep me up to date.
Kind regards
Sachia Ngutsav

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Hi Sachia @sachiangutsav

I am glad you are here. Have you introduced yourself yet? This week we are all about introductions and suggesting topics of interest related to collaboration. Please start by introducing yourself by clicking on this link


am inn sorry am late this year, i was a little busy on some fieldprograms

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Oh, how sweet it is to be a lecturer/teacher/mobilizer/adviser, you name it! of an invisible audience but one which is so dependant on you and ever so trusted in you! Hurrah to our Busi and the other facilitaters for cooking for us the tea while we provide the eats! Am ain’t l Blessed to be on board! I wish each one of us a meaningful discussion! God Bless you all!

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all set and ready to acquire knowledge and share experiences

They always say ‘better late than never’. I am glad you made it.