Week 1 - Introduction to discussion on collaboration

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Collaboration e-discussion. My name is Busi Ngcebetsha, I am the moderator for this e-discussion. You will learn more about me a little bit later.

This discussion is about effective collaboration between broadcasters and stakeholder groups that leads to better radio programs for farmers and people in rural communities. Examples of stakeholder groups are extension workers, women’s organizations, farmers organizations, and agricultural researchers.

This is a 4-week discussion and each week we will have specific topics that we will be concentrating on. During the course of the discussion, we will cover these and other topics:

  • The benefits of broadcasters and stakeholders collaborating on farmer programs
  • The challenges broadcasters and stakeholders face in collaborating with each other
  • What broadcasters and stakeholders should keep in mind for a radio program interview.
  • Strategies for sustainable collaboration between radio broadcasters and stakeholders.
  • How collaboration with stakeholder groups help radio programs address gender issues

These 4 weeks are a chance for us all to learn from each other. I would also like to introduce our resource people for this e-discussion @Yakubu and @bfiafor. They will tell us more about themselves shortly.

For this first week, you need to do the following 3 things:

  1. Click on the “reply” button and introduce yourself. Your introduction should include your name, where you are from, the name of your radio station or organisation, and your role.
  2. After introducing yourself, please tell us what exactly about “collaboration for better farmer programs” you would like to discuss with others.
  3. Help others get to know you a bit. Share your favourite hobby with everyone.

If there are other topics that are not related to collaboration you would like to discuss you can visit the Cafe make a post there.

Active participants who introduce themselves in week 1 and make at least three meaningful posts in weeks 2, 3 and 4 will receive an “Active Participant” certificate at the end of the discussion.



Hi Everyone,
I am Yakubu Abukari an Agricultural Development Officer with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development of the Northern Regional Coordinating Council, Tamale-Ghana.
I have fifteen years of public work experience in extending and disseminating improved agricultural practices and technologies to various actors in the agriculture value chain: to ensure food security, nutrition, poverty alleviation, sustainable agriculture and development for smallholder and resource-poor farmers in a changing climate.
I have worked and collaborated with a number of organizations to implement projects that have impacted the lives and improved the livelihood, socio-economic and food security situation of smallholder producers in Northern Ghana.
The e-discussion topic on effective collaboration between broadcasters and stakeholders is very relevant in this age of rapid information overload, dwindling resources (funds, human and capital) from donors and development partners and limited time but to the same target audience.
Effective collaboration among broadcasters and stakeholders would enable partners to leverage and make maximum use of scarce and limited resources available.
For a decade now, I have collaborated with the media (FM radio stations, television, and bloggers) to educate the public and farmers on government pro-poor policies, programs, and projects. I have also used the same for agricultural extension and education on sustainable agriculture, climate change, livestock, and local poultry production as business enterprises for income and food security in rural communities.
The sector I work for, have limited human resources, means of transport and funds to accomplish its mandate and implement its annual work plans of reaching out to smallholder farmers in the agriculture value chain.
The use of FM radio and television through collaboration has enabled me to reach out to uncountable people and farmers thereby making greater impact and coverage than the usual mode of home and field visits, training and demonstrations. The recordings of the interactions are often repeated thereby reinforcing the absorption of the content and practices discussed. The scarce resources by both collaborating institutions are effectively and efficiently utilized or channeled to other productive use.
I am glad and fortunate to be part of this e-discussion on effective collaboration between broadcasters and stakeholders.
I am hoping to have an interesting, engaging discussion and discourse, learn and share some valuable experiences and insight as an extension stakeholder collaborating with broadcasters. Shalom !


Good to meet you in this forum. Waiting to learn a lot on how you manage the collaboration with stake holders especially media. Usually the red tape hinders the collaboration.

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Dear All,

My names are Martin Mwape. I work for Breeze FM in Zambia as a broadcaster as well as broadcast technician. I have been working for the radio station from 2006 and I produce radio programmes on Animal Health, Human Health, Environment and Agriculture.
I have come to learn that effective collaboration between broadcasters and stakeholders is a challenge though it is necessary. I therefore feel this discussion will help much to learn on how to improve the collaboration.

In my work, I have collaborated with other media houses as well as other non-media organization that do the work related to my productions. However, the collaboration is usually limited to their sponsored programmes.

Let me just say I am here to learn more on this.

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Hello @MartinMwape

Welcome to the discussion on collaboration. It is good to have you here once more. Thank you for your contribution. Am I right to say you are interested in learning more on how to improve collaboration with stakeholders beyond just sponsorship?

Please remember there are three questions to respond to this week, introducing self, sharing what you would like to discuss with others regarding collaboration and lastly, sharing your favourite hobby so we may get to know you better. We are still waiting on the last part.


Welcome @Yakubu

We are glad to have you here. I believe we will all learn a lot from you.

Do not forget to share your favourite hobby so we can get to know you better.

Enjoy the discussion.

Grace Munuo am also news editor .

Am Grace Munuo from Moshi Kilimanjaro , am working at Radio Sauti ya Injili Moshi, Am producer as also a presenter, am news editor to. I produce the programs like women right, children right , animals health , agriculture program as well programs corcein about faith. The things which l would like to discuss with regard collaboration is how to collaborate without creating the groups with each organisation and workers
My hobbies is to singing
Thanks and good day to all

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My name is Peter Ocloo from Ghana and the COO of Association of Sincere Parents ASSPA and ASSPA Radio online. I wish to know more about the collaboration and how this could benefit ground workers ie people who go directly to farmers to educate them. We will also be grateful to know if there are drama in local languages.

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Hello Grace

Welcome to the discussion about collaboration. We are delighted to have you join us. I am glad you have something you want to discuss. As you say:

Can you tell us exactly what you mean by collaborating without creating groups with each organisation and workers?

Thank you for sharing your hobby, I wish I can hear you sing. What kind of songs do you like singing?

Hello Peter @assparadio

Welcome! We are happy to have you here. Thank you for sharing what you would like to discuss on collaboration. I see you are also interested in local language drama. Are you asking if we have local language dramas or what?

We would also like to know about your favourite hobby.

Enjoy the discussion

Many thanks for the response, I love sharing “The Truth” in a simple manner.

Yes, I’ll like to know if you have local drama to be specific in Ewe language. I have received one in Akan previously.

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@assparadio I am sure @bfiafor will respond to you as he is in the Ghana office.

Thank-you. I hope the discussion goes well and also educates us build a better future for the next generation. Looking at the methods and hardships most people aren’t doing according to the right methods of farming which is affecting us as far as health issues are concerned. These are all because of money. I wish this platform will drive us to the best path to help our rural communities especially.

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Hi everyone am Steven Ngole from Njombe Tanzania am working at Kings fm Radio, presenter of agriculture program (KILIMO SOUND) am happy to be here.

On The hobbies, mmmm. I enjoy very much growing crops especially vegetables.

Hi Steven @stevenngole

We are also happy to have you on board. Can you also tell us what you would like to discuss with others concerning collaboration and share your favourite hobby?


Means good way of collaboration happliy
Hahaa waoo l will singing for you one day
I like slowly gospel music

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My hobbies include surfing the internet, reading, listening to international news and watching television.