Week 1: Introduction and icebreaker

let me introduce my self my name is Taddele Kelemewerk .I am a journalist at Dmtsiweyane radio station. I have prepared lots of agricultural programs including the weekly fababean program that was broadcasted in
collaboration with farm radio international and Dmtsi Weyane radio station.what i have observed in my field specially the experience of farmers i am much more interested to share my colleague.hopefully I consider my self i am blessed to join the golden discussion when i decided to take part in your discussion hopefully i consider that i will get lots of experience from different participants and from the program coordinators.And i will invest the maximum effort to the success of the barza discussion and after i took the discussions i will take an assignment to share the experience to my friends.

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Hello Taddele @maekelesh

Welcome to the agriculture and climate change discussions. We are happy to have you here. We are looking forward to hearing more about your experiences in reporting on agriculture and climate change.

Please note that I moved your post to Week 1 Introduction and Icebreaker. We are currently busy with Week 2 topic where we respond to questions concerning reporting about climate change and agriculture and what farmers say.

Enjoy the discussions

MY name is Dan-muhammadu Ismaila, media analyst and corporate communications executive. i am from Zamfara satate of Nigeria but currently working in Kano. its nice meeting u guys, though i am late but i trust Busi to keep me updated

I am currently a PhD candidate in media communication and animal health communication expert.

the next time you want to address me please call me ISMEe

Welcome Dan.

Will be very happy to read from your submissions. I want to share experiences from as many colleagues as i can. Hope you will also find this a useful discussion.


HI Madam bus this is izack mwacha Dar es salaam Tanzania, am a presenter and producer of a different program in Radio maria Tanzania, am very Glad to join on this special training about climate change this is because I want to improve my knowledge as a producer so that i can produce more quality program dealing with climate,
special thenx to Farm radio international for giving us the fantastic oppotunities

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Hello @Izack_Boniface


We are glad to have you here. As they say, it is better to be late than not to arrive at all.

Enjoy the discussions.


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Hie, My name is Nqobani Ndlovu. I am a journalist based in Zimbabwe. I just joined this discussion fora.

Hello Busi,

My name is Norman Fulatira a former reporter of a privately owned radio station in Malawi called Zodiak Broadcasting Station. I am now a Freelancer and contribute to a number of news outlets including Barzawire.

With regard to the question at hand, I would take the following with me:

  1. My cellphone - for communication up until the battery lasts. The phone may also be used for taking pictures and listening to the radio updates on the situation.

  2. Small pack of groundnuts in my pocket - this could help me eat whilst running away from the flash floods.

  3. Bed sheet - at least a bed sheet so that I can use in case the flooding prolongs and we will be kept in makeshift shelters.


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